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When Mexico’s fight against Drug trafficking started, in 2007, I understood that the only thing we could do was trust one another. I Have learnt this, amazed, from the victims. Since then, I have been working in trying to find an effective method to allow the victims to generously teach us everything they know if we learn how to listen to them; but also, this method should serve them to defend their rights, protect themselves, and demand dignity. Because I believe, as Theodor W. Adorno said, that philosophy should serve us to buy bread. Which, related to Colectivo Fu, would mean that literary thinking is a helpful tool that we use very little and that very often seems to be excessively abstract and too far to reach. Or worse: we don’t even consider it as a tool when in fact, literature is a powerful way of seeing the others that give us the chance to realize what makes them extraordinary and unique, to coincide, think other ways for understanding and build together a better world to live in.