We were not prepared for a debacle like the one in which we live, overwhelmed since the electoral contest of 2006 ripped apart a country abruptly in two, a country already hobbled with a terrible political inheritance.  Many wanted to position themselves to take advantage with absolute and totalitarian political models. We were not prepared for the terrible increase in violence in 2008.  We were not prepared to be the reaction to the culmination of our history of political impunity and corruption.  We did not know what was a war.  And we did not know how to foresee the consequences—in many irreversible aspects—of so much resentment and so much avarice.  The new and fragile Mexican democracy did not help us and did not encourage us to assume our civil responsibility, and it did not help us to feel like citizens with the right to construct a new country.

Our Lost Border: Essays on Life amid the Narco-Violence. US, 2013

Southwest Book Awardfrom the Border Regional Library Association
International Latino Book Awardfor Best Latino-focused Nonfiction Book (Bilingual)
FinalistforForeWord Review’sBook of the Year Awards