We believe that what we can teach you how to write being who you really are. Not by looking for easy resources that allow you to write, but helping you ask the necessary questions so you can write with true precision. I have no doubt that you will know how to do it. I have seen so many students from so many parts of the world marvel at what they already know and learning how to use, with true emotion, what they already had and were not using because someone had told them that literature was something else. Something to incorporate, not an intuition to polish. The different programs of the courses and workshops offered here work exactly with the opposite conviction: I am sure that there are many things in you that have led you up to this moment in which you are reading this. And that these things are important and necessary, literary clues to begin. And I’m also sure that by following one of our programs, you will learn how to do it. And this is not a commercial statement, but an intimate conviction that allows me to write, teach and read the work of my students with real curiosity. That is why I can guarantee that we offer courses very honest in both price and content. Because I myself I’m interested in the process and I actually learn from others. I learn very much from this method that I made but I have also proven successfully with hundreds of students from several countries. Not only as a way to write, but to self-knowledge and better understanding and construction of the world we inhabit.