I was born in Barcelona in 1970. But I have also lived in Albons (Girona), United States, India, Oaxaca or Distrito Federal. Mexico: a country that I call home. I´m a novelist, and I also write literature for children and youth, essay, humanistic research and journalism. My work has been recognized with prestigious awards, made into films andtheatre play and has also been translated into several languages.

As a different way of looking at and understanding Literature, I teach literary thought and creation courses that I use to find practical strategies for peace building. I lead, coordinate and train volunteer projects against different types of violence, inequality and social exclusion, mostly through art, journalism and humanities.

In 2007 I found Colectivo FU, but I have also created other cultural projects such as Escuela Dinámica de Escritores with Mario Bellatin; I have thought other study and creation paths; and I have been a university teacher.

I have talked about my work and this way of approaching it in a lot of places around the world, such as Harvard, UNAM, Columbia University, Saint Andrews, UNESCO, Amnesty International, the Auditorium of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, and the Palacio de la Moneda, among others. And I have been a counsellor for peace projects to several institutions and peace groups all around the world, such as Fundación Futbol Club Barcelona or small projects to help crack users in Mexico city.

In summer 2018, activities will begin in the new Campus Mila: a creation, human rights, collective thinking, coexistence and child peace work project.

Novels, essays, children’s literature, young adult literature, theater and cinema.

Research, opinion, criticism and analysis. Newspapers, radio and television.

Creation and literary thinking against violence.